If you were thinking "okay I gotta know more about this person whomever it maybe". Well, then you've come to the right place. Now if the website URL hasn't already given it away my name is Dominique Richardson. I started my photography journey in 2007, mostly taking random pictures here and there that were strictly for my own enjoyment. It wasn't until I started freelancing for The 'Doah (my college newspaper...GO HORNETS!) that I started to develop my passion for photography. Shenandoah, being a conservatory school for the arts lead me to down the path of  portfolio headshots for students who couldn't afford it otherwise. Once I have graduated, college friends started getting married and that's when I had an opportunity to share my talents in a way that I knew they would always cherish. Plus I didn't have any money for gifts so it worked out for both of us 😬 . In returned those opportunities opened up the doors needed for me to become a wedding photographer today😎. So here I am, and now that you know more about who I am and why I started DominiqueRichardson.com . I would love to know more about you so click here,and let's get to it!